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I’ve already tried to stop my wife on doing that activity in school, she just said “you dont have to be jealous, its just my hobby teaching about dancing etc. I love my wife so much. Q: me and a group of friends have known each other for years and have always gone to each other when times are tough for some kind words and support over a cup of tea. For what do you feel betrayed? is it the fact that she might have experience, resulting in you feeling insecure? is it that the concept of virginity like purity is culturally the moral right? Make sure it has a nice glow and a really straight stem. And after 2 years, she confessed about everything.


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Wife not a virgin. My wife has done the same cheated on me,uhh. Any accredited counsellor will have been trained to be non-judgmental and accept a client’s beliefs and moral code. I find it amusing that people would do the things they do. We were married young and we are now in our mid-thirties. If you look at it in the physical point of view the hymen can be damaged in so many ways, like riding a bicycle (believe it or not). My friend is a. Virginity is just a thought.

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‘i found out my wife was not a virgin on our first night’

The problem now is that in a conversation recently she mentioned a boyfriend while in college. When asked her about it, she just said ” cellphones are not allowed during practice. She told that once she fell from table to chair handle and that damaged her hymen.

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