Patton piss in rhine

Nsfw march 24, 1945 general patton peeing into the rhine river : oldschoolcool


On his return journey he had a very narrow escape from death himself. With the german defenses along the rhine river falling apart, the industrial region of ruhr was enveloped, depriving germany’s war manufacturing capabilities. The goal of this. His hand is on his right hip.

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Was the act of urinating in in the rhine river by allied troops when they reached it during ww2 the worst act of environmental pollution yet recorded? - quoraPhotograph of general george patton peeing urinating in rhine river wwii - reproGeneral pattons speech to the 3rd army

Patton piss in rhine. To supply its eastern forces britain had to sail supply ships around the southern tip of africa and up through the suez canal, or else they had to run the gauntlet between sicily and the african coast. Usually a reasonably safe way to travel, this was not so on this particular day. Became a foregone conclusion. And he was supposedly photographed doing so. The germans responded by forcing the hand of the vichy government in france.

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And north africa was weakly defended. In order to cover the long distances involved in commanding his army and attending conferences with his superiors, patton had, since arriving in normandy, often flown to his destinations in a piper cub light aircraft. Every vehicle was lost, and most of the prisoners and the raiding party ended up back in the camp, including the reason for the raid, john waters, who was badly wounded.