Natalie dylan auctions virginity

27 year old student is auctioning off her virginity to pay for university - mtl blog

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The online auction site ebay turned her down so the auction will take place at a nevada brothel, the moonlite bunny ranch, where her sister is working to pay off her college debts. My take: she’s giving her a c. ‘s satellite radio show last september. She’s concealing her identity as she goes about this quest, which, she says, is to raise money for her education.

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Natalie dylan auctions virginity. I am shocked by how far this has gone,” natalie mused, “i didn’t expect so many people to bid for me, or for the amounts to be so high. Alina percea, 18, sold her virginity online for around $13,000. I’m looking for someone who is a genuine, overall nice person. It’s kind of crazy, but i think it’s the general direction that society has been heading in for a while,” he said.


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Elizabeth raine, a 27-year-old medical student wants neither situation and is online-auctioning off her virginity for enough money to pay for med school tuition. It’s a first amendment issue.

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