Laser penetration depth


We chose lean bovine tissue samples for this study. The evidence reveals a wide range of absorption coefficients as well as scatter coefficients for bone, skin, blood, and muscle, depending upon wavelength. One of these beams was directed to the power sensor, and the other was directed to the ccd camera. Has much less intensity, with corresponding blue and purple, even though the 808 light had exited a 17% thicker sample of tissue. Power and power density measurements were made with 10 different thicknesses of sample tissue in order to plot a line of best fit on a graph, generated using microsoft office excel 2010. Some of the therapeutic targets can be several centimeters deep, such as the piriformis and psoas muscles, hip joints, intervertebral discs, and the spinal cord. The lines were generated using the exponential trend lines setting in excel.




Laser penetration depth. Meaning that the laser light exited the laser probe with the same power density across the lens of the probe. The colors shown in. The splitter, which is wavelength independent, divides the light into two equal beams, each half the intensity of the original, after a manual correction. According to cilesiz and welch,

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Laser light three-dimensional pattern. The data provided by the beam gage system are accurate to four significant figures and they also provide colored images that can be related to power density.